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International Conference on Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture Held in Lahore, Pakistan

May 2, 2019

The world population will be nearly 9 billion by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Such an increase needs commensurate agricultural production to feed the global population. In view of increasing urbanization and decrease in arable land, vertical increase in crop productivity is required by using all possible technologies related to sustainable agriculture. It is in this context that use of microorganisms in agriculture has become of prime importance. Role of microorganism in nutrient mobilization for crops has an immense potential starting from biological nitrogen fixation to plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. In addition, microbes have been used as bio-pesticides and for control of soil borne pathogens. In this context, The School of Life Sciences of FC College University and PABIC Lahore Chapter organized this International Conference on Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture from March 25 -28, 2019.

This conference aimed to bring together international and national experts to review the status of soil microbial ecology and its impact on Sustainable Agriculture. Along with 30 national speakers from 15 different cities of Pakistan including Tandojam, Mardan, Mansehra and Quetta; 8 international speakers from USA, Canada, Turkey, China, Germany, and Saudi Arabia presented their work. Separate poster sessions have also been designed for the appreciation of junior researchers from across the country. Around 200 people attended the conference and it turned out to be an amazing opportunity for the young researchers for international collaborations.

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