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5 Questions with Dr. CD Mayee, the Farmer's Son Who Became India's Champion of Biotech

February 27, 2019

ISAAA blog series 5 Questions With... features renowned cotton scientist Dr. C.D. Mayee, the farmer's son who became India's champion of biotech.

In the feature, Dr. Mayee talked about growing up in his father's farm in Sakharkherda, his aspiration to study agriculture, and how he was able to be admitted to the famous Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI). After the success of Bt cotton in his country, Dr. Mayee believes that smallholder farmers in India need similar technologies to further enhance their incomes and that biotech will address productivity constraints.

For the critics of biotechnology, Dr. Mayee said, "Other people speak about the technology, but what do they know? As a farmer's son, I have faith in our farmers and know that what they say is true."

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