Biotech Updates

CRISPR Used in Genome Imaging

November 14, 2018

Applications of the versatile molecular tool CRISPR have been extended by researchers from genome editing into genome imaging via the technology they call CRISPR-Sirius. Researcher Hanhui Ma of ShanghaiTech University and colleagues repurposed the genome editing tool into viewing targeted genes in the nucleus and chromosomes of cells.

The limitation that the researchers aimed to solve was RNA guide instability, which was encountered in earlier applications of the technology and led to low genome labeling efficiency. In CRISPR-Sirius, enhanced RNA stability and brightness were observed. Thus, the modified strategy promises more effective detection of spatial and temporal features of genomic elements. Although applied in animal cells in the featured study, this technology may also be important in crops, especially in detection of gene locations.

For more information, read the article in Nature