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Crop Biotech Update

Research Reveals Central Signal Sorting Hub in Plants

October 10, 2018

A research study has revealed the central signal sorting hub that plants use to coordinate biological processes. Dr. Vinod Kumar of the John Innes Centre (JIC) said that their research has revealed the existence of a central signal sorting hub, which fine tunes plant growth and immunity in line with key seasonal cues.

Using Arabidopsis, the JIC research team found two key proteins, DET1 and COP1, at the center of this signaling hub. The proteins are known for their role in light signalling and growth control. This study has shown a new role of these proteins in plant defense. DET1 and COP1 along with the transcription factor PIF4 control the coordination of growth and immunity in response to day length and temperature.

For more details, read the JIC news release.