Biotech Updates

Malawi Releases New Seed Policy

June 6, 2018

Malawi launched a new national seed policy which includes farmers' rights and other emerging issues in the sector, replacing the 1993 seed policy. During the launch in Lilongwe, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha mentioned that the new policy is vital for the growth of the seed industry.  Mwanamvekha emphasized that as an agro economy, Malawi needed a seed policy that aligns with the regional frameworks to satisfy the growing demand for quality and high yield. He also mentioned that the new policy will serve as a guide for the initiatives that seek to improve food security and seed trade.

Seed Traders Association of Malawi (STAM) chairperson John Lungu lauded the government for working with the seed sector to address their pressing concerns before releasing the final document. "Effective seed trade is one of the essential components in the attainment of food security in the region hence the need for government and all stakeholders to work together in making the seed industry vibrant," he said. Lungu also said that to improve productivity in the agricultural sector, increased access to affordable and high-quality inputs such as seed is very critical.

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