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Indian Farmers Use Whatsapp and Facebook to Demand GM Seeds

June 6, 2018

Shetkari Sanghatana, a farmers organization based in Maharashtra, India is making a strong pitch for genetically modified (GM) seeds. The group has launched a campaign circulating social media posts and organizing conferences where farmers share knowledge of GM crops even as the state cracks down on use of unapproved GM cotton varieties.

For more than 20 days now, farmers across Maharashtra have been getting social media forwards urging them to give a missed call if they wish to fight for the availability of the GM seed technology. Ajit Narde, Shetkari Sanghatana leader said, "We have been getting about 100-150 missed calls on a daily basis supporting the cause." He added that they are now sending these farmers information about GM seed technology.

The organization has held a farmer workshop and conference in Akola in Maharashtra's Vidarbha district in May. More than 700 farmers attended the event, where agriculture and seed techonology experts explained GM technology, experiences from other countries, and tests conducted worldwide that attest to safety of biotech.

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