Biotech Updates

Training Workshop on ComRes for Scientists

March 28, 2018

Communicating research to non-technical stakeholders such as policymakers, politicians, investors and potential funders, industry players, media and the public is one difficult task for scientists. Translating technical terms, making research relevant to the target audience, pitching it right to potential donors and industry collaborators, and making it newsworthy for media consumption are just some of the challenges.

To equip scientists with these critical skills, the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) has developed an interactive and hands-on training workshop. MABIC is a strong advocate of science and biotechnology and believes in humanizing science, creating science literacy among the public, enable policymakers and politicians to develop science-based policies and regulations, increase awareness among donors and funders to invest into R&D&C and increase public acceptance of emerging technologies. By creating more science communicators among our scientists, MABIC believes we can help R&D&C to flourish.

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