Biotech Updates

Bangladeshi Professionals Show Positive Attitude on Biotech Products

February 7, 2018

Professionals from public and private sectors in Bangladesh have a favorable attitude towards biotechnology, according to a survey conducted by researchers from Rahman Agricultural University and Patuakhali Science and Technology University. The results are published in Agriculture and Food Security journal.

Bangladesh is one of the highly potential countries for marketing biotechnological products, thus, the attitude and consumption of professionals working in public and private organizations in Bangladesh toward biotechnological products were identified and assessed. Results showed that Bangladeshi professionals have an optimistic viewpoint about biotechnology and its products. The most common biotech products used by the respondents include GM soybean oil, antibiotics, skin care cream, and vaccines. The socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents had no influence on the decision to use and purchase biotech products. Respondents from the private sector had a more optimistic stance to consume biotech products compared to public-sector respondents.

For more details, read the open-access journal article in Agriculture and Food Security.