Biotech Updates

Rwandan Researchers Discuss GM Crop Adoption

February 7, 2018

Biotechnology has been recognized as one of the tools to boost food security by several countries, however, some remain to be skeptical about adopting it. Rwanda is one of the latest countries that made actions towards legalizing GM crops. According to an official at the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), they have drafted a law regulating GM crops. Furthermore, Gérardine Mukeshimana, Minister for Agriculture and Animal Resources, expressed his support to adopt GM technology, saying it would help feed the growing population. "You can't forever stick to crops and methods of farming that our forefathers practiced in 1900," she said. Mukeshimana is a plant researcher and holds both a master's degree and PhD in plant breeding, genetics, and biotechnology from Michigan State University in the United States.

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