Biotech Updates

Integrating Biotech Training in Uganda's Education System

September 20, 2017

For the fifth year, Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) has been working with the Ministry of Education and Sports to integrate biotechnology training in the education system using various informal methods. This include extra-curriculum activities such as annual poster drawing and essay writing contests. This year, the themes for the essay writing and poster drawing contests were Biotechnology for climate smart agriculture and Best ways to improve agriculture in Uganda, respectively. The contests attracted over 1,000 submissions from over 50 education institutions of learning from all regions of the country. The themes were chosen to inspire forward thinking among the country's youthful populace in light of contemporary climate change challenges and their significant implications for agriculture.

An awards ceremony was organized at Gayaza High School (one of the participating schools) during the annual national schools farm camp. The event showcased various agricultural best practices and innovations to over 500 students from more than 20 secondary schools nationwide. During the awarding ceremony, UBIC also recognized eleven schools that are engaged in using school gardens.

The contests aimed to raise extensive awareness and inspire interest among the youth about modern agriculture, especially modern agricultural biotechnology in Uganda. This is intended to contribute to constructive dialogue and brainstorming of critical ideas towards the country's achievement of sustainable development goals.

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