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Ghana Gov't Supports GE Research to Combat Armyworm

August 2, 2017

Ghana's Ministry of Environment, Science, Innovation, and Technology called out to scientists to intensify research to combat fall armyworm. 

During the Open Day event of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Sector Minister, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng said, "The Crop Research Institute (CRI) has medium and long term plans using science and genetic engineering to produce something that could fight the fall armyworm in the years to comeā€¦ It will help solve the threat of the deadly pest, which has destroyed swathes of farm fields across the country, and also a threat to government's planting for food and jobs program."

Prof. Boateng also said that he is delighted that the Minister of Agriculture supports the research. He mentioned that the study includes seed development so that in four years, Ghana will be able to produce more seeds and thus import less. "To the research community, the president has promised to devote 10% of the GDP towards research and development for all of us, if the right structures are put in place," he stressed.

Aside from addressing the scientists, he also encouraged the industry representatives and investors to invest more in science and agricultural innovation

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