Biotech Updates

Apple Genome Sequence Published

June 14, 2017

An international consortium of research institutions from France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and South Africa, including researchers from Wageningen University & Research has published a high quality genome sequence of apple.

The genome sequence provides new insights into the organization of the apple genome. Ninety-three percent (93%) of the 42,000 putative genes were validated through RNA sequencing. This information is useful for the identification of genes that control a trait of interest and for the development of DNA-based diagnostic tests that can accelerate breeding of new varieties.

The new insights in the apple genome include a clear view on the duplication patterns among the 17 chromosomes of apple. This information facilitates identification of gene copies with similar function. ‘Repetitive regions' have been assembled, and these may be involved in regulating gene expression. Finally, a new type of repeat sequence was found that may be specific for centromeres, which may lead to new insights in chromosome division and replication.

For more details, read the press releases from Wageningen University & Research.