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Pakistan's Sindh Seed Council Assesses 21 New Seed Varieties Including 6 Bt Cotton Varieties

March 29, 2017

Pakistan's Sindh Seed Council (SSC) assessed 21 new seed varieties of different crops, including 9 cotton varieties – 6 of which are Bt cotton – to improve per acre production of major cash crops. The SSC meeting on March 15, 2017 was led by the provincial agriculture minister where new varieties were considered for consent. After the SSC approval, Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department would issue certificates and new types would be made available for general cultivation.

Official sources stated that there are 62 cotton seed varieties in the country for general cultivation. With the approval of 9 new varieties, the number would bring the total to 71 cotton seed varieties. Other seed varieties assessed in the meeting are wheat (5), sugarcane (3), mango (2), lentil (1) and okra (1).

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