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Wageningen Researchers Release Detailed Genetic Map of Roses

March 29, 2017

A team of breeding researchers and geneticists from Wageningen University and Research has successfully created a highly detailed genetic map of roses. Roses are tetraploid and it is unclear how the four sets of chromosomes pair during cell division, an important process that determines which genes are passed on to the next generation after crossing two roses.

The research team developed a new software to be able to create a good genetic map. More than 25,000 genetic markers can be found on the new genetic map of roses which are evenly divided across the 4 x 7 chromosomes. Through the new software, the researchers discovered that the way in which rose chromosomes pair during meiosis is not straightforward. This pairing is mostly random, but at certain locations on the chromosomes the same two chromosomes nearly always or always pair.

For more information, read the article at the Wageningen University & Research website.