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Stomatal Carpenter 1 Regulates Stomata Patterning in Plants

August 3, 2016

Guard cells are specialized cells in plant epidermis that form stomatal pores. They are derived through specialized cell divisions which are regulated by the transcription factor SPEECHLESS (SPCH). Previously, the transcription factor STOMATAL CARPENTER 1 (SCAP1) was shown to be involved in GC function.

Università degli studi di Milano researchers, led by Giulia Castorina, recently showed that SCAP1 expression can also be observed before any GC differentiation occurs. Analysis of transgenic plants carrying a proSCAP1:GUS-GFP transcriptional fusion indicate that SCAP1 expression peaks simultaneously with the expression of stomatal patterning genes.

Scap1 loss-of-function mutants exhibited reduced number of guard cells whilst SCAP1-overexpressing lines have an increased number of guard cells as well as altered distribution and spacing patterns. These results suggest the role for SCAP1 in guard cell differentiation as well as in guard cells' spacing patterns.

For more information, read the full article in BMC Plant Biology.