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Salt Tolerant Gene in Soybean Identified

January 14, 2015

Researchers from University of Adelaide and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a study which aims to improve soybean crop. They identified the gene necessary to enhance salt tolerance in soybean. By examining the gene sequences in different soybean varieties, they were able to identify and closely analyze GmSALT3. GmSALT3 is a salt tolerance gene in chromosome 3.

Their result shows that GmSALT3 contains a total of nine haplotypes wherein two of it are salt tolerant. Among these haplotypes, haplotype 1 (H1) was found to be much involved in salt tolerance. This is due to the wide presence of H1 in different areas including saline environment. This proves the ability of GmSALT3 as a gene necessary in developing salt tolerant soybean.

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