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Impact of Water Content and Temperature on the Degradation of Bt Protein in the Soil

January 14, 2015

Scientists from Shanxi Agricultural University (China) and Northern State University (US) assessed the impact of water content and temperature on the degradation of Cry1Ac in Bt cotton in the soil. The Bt protein in the leaves and buds of Bt cotton in soil was evaluated under varying water content and temperature settings in the laboratory.

Results showed that the Bt protein in the leaves and buds underwent fast degradation in the early stage of observation (before day 48). This was followed by a slow decline in the later stage under different soil water content and temperature. The fastest degradation occurred in the early stage at 35 degrees Celsius with 70 percent water holding capacity.

Based on the findings, it was concluded that Cry1Ac from Bt cotton residues will not persist and accumulate in soil under appropriate temperature and water content.

Read the research article in PlosOne: