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Crop Biotech Update

Compositional and Proteomic Analyses of Biotech Broccoli

September 18, 2014

Scientists from Academia Sinica conducted a compositional and proteomic analyses of biotech broccoli exhibiting improved shelf life and yield. They used proximate analysis to examine macronutrients, chemical and mineral constituents as well as anti-nutrient and protein changes of biotech broccoli and corresponding controls.

Results showed that most of the parameters were comparable between the biotech broccoli and controls, except for an increase in carbohydrate level and a reduction in magnesium content in biotech broccoli. Proteomic analysis showed over 50 protein spots in biotech broccoli at harvest and after cooking. One third of those proteins are similar with others that are important in plant defenses against stresses and biological aging.

Biotech broccoli-fed mice exhibited normal growth and immune function. Thus, the compositional and proteomic changes do not reach a threshold to affect growth or induce an immune response in mice under normal broccoli feeding.

The results are published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. For more details, visit