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Infographics About ISAAA: The Go-to-source of Information for GM Crops

February 5, 2014

ISAAA launches the second in a series of infographics on food and agriculture that symbolizes ISAAA as a  source by the global agricultural institutions providing reliable data, information and knowledge on biotech/GM crops in industrial and developing countries.

Referring to ISAAA, the Scientific American World Views 2013 states "There's only one place to find comprehensive global data on biotech crops, ….this group serves as the go-to source for everyone from government officials to journalists." ISAAA's global knowledge center (KC) and biotechnology information sharing network (BICs) and an array of capacity building and support services completes the holistic approach to agricultural development and ensures effective implementation and timely delivery of crop biotechnologies in the developing parts of the world.  The international weekly journal of science Nature featured ISAAA's GM crops: A story in numbers in the May 2, 2013 special issue titled GM Crops: Promise and Reality.

Download ISAAA infographics "ISAAA –The Go-To Source of Information for GM Crops" at The Scientific American World View "Clive James – The Go-To Source for Biotechnology Crops Data at: The "Nature" journal special issue article "GM Crops – The Story in Numbers" at: ISAAA and its global knowledge center on crop biotechnology (KC) and BICS at: and