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Transgenic Maize Shows Improved Nutritive Quality and Salt Resistance

May 15, 2013

A group of Chinese scientists led by Meizhen Wang of China Agricultural University conducted a study to enhance the nutritive quality and salt tolerance of maize through genetic engineering. The research team used particle bombardment mediated co-transformation to produce marker-free biotech maize lines with lysine-rich protein gene (SBgLR) from potato and a transcription factor gene (TSRF1) from tomato.

Analyses showed that the resulting lines expressed both genes in different levels. Compared with the non-transgenic maize, protein and lysine content in the transgenic lines have increased by 7.7-24.4% and 8.7-30.4%, respectively. The transgenic lines also exhibited improved tolerance to salt stress. Moreover, the researchers analyzed and characterized ten stress-related genes.

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