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Eight New Transgenic Goats in Royan Institute

April 17, 2013

Eight new transgenic goats were born at Royan Institute for Biotechnology Research in Iran. Cloning techniques usually require advanced equipment but the process entailed a simplified method in a basic laboratory, said Dr. Nasr Esfahani, principle investigator of this project.

Researchers in Royan Institute have tried to improve cloning protocols. It is important to improve the efficiency of the current cloning procedures to facilitate the production of recombinant proteins and organs for xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another. 

After optimizing the method of cloning and transfer of 50 embryos at the Royan Institute, nine pregnancies were positive, which is the highest reported rate in the world. Dr. Esfahani continued: "In March 2013, of nine positive pregnancies, eight transgenic animals were born and they are all in perfect health".

In addition, the Royan Institute for Biotechnology Research has launched its new initiative. This involves the production in transgenic animals of vital organs for transplantation in the human body.

The full article in available at  Email Naghmeh Abiri of the Iran Biotechnology Information Center at for additional information.