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Biotech Crop Breeding Industrialization Summit in Beijing

March 13, 2013

Biotech Crop Breeding Industrialization Summit co-hosted by five key Academic Societies in China, namely Chinese Society of Biotechnology, Chinese Society of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, Chinese Society of Agri-biotechnology, Chinese Society of Crop Science and China Society of Plant Protection, was held on Feb. 28 ,2013 in Beijing. More than 200 participants from academic community, government agencies, private sector and media attended the Summit.

Former President of Beijing University, Academician Xu Zhihong gave a welcome speech. He emphasized the great significance of promoting biotechnology for food security and economic development. Dr. Clive James, Founder and Chair of International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) reviewed the Global Status of Biotech Crop Adoption in 2012. Mr. Liao Xiyuan, Vice Director of Seed Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture introduced seed Industry Innovation in modern breeding in China. Prof. Wan Jianmin, Director of Crop Science Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences discussed crop biotech R&D progress in China. Prof. Huang Jikun, Director of Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences presented the economic impact of agri-biotech in China.

The Summit was supported by ISAAA China Biotechnology Information Center (ChinaBIC). For more details contact Prof. Zhang Hongxiang at