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India's Prime Minister Unveils Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

January 9, 2013

India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh unveiled the country's Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy at the inaugural session of the 100th Indian Science Congress on 3 Jan 2013. Dr. Singh said that the STI Policy 2013 aspires to position India among the top five global scientific powers by year 2020. It aims to bring all the benefits of Science, Technology & Innovation to the national development for sustainable and more inclusive growth. "The transformation of agriculture must be the top priority of our public policies, including science and technology policies. We must partner not only with established leaders in science and technology but with emerging innovation powerhouses in our region," he said.

The STI Policy seeks to send a signal to the Indian scientific community, both in the private and public domain, that science, technology and innovation should focus on faster, sustainable and inclusive development of the people. It also seeks the right sizing of the gross expenditure on research and development by encouraging and incentivizing private sector participation in R & D, technology and innovation activities.

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