Biotech Updates

Scientists Identify Underground Key Players that Help Plants to Grow

October 17, 2012

Using modern metagenomics, scientists from the Rothamsted Research in England have identified the microorganisms in plants and soil that help plants thrive. In a paper published in the October issue of Nature Biotechnology, the Rothamsted team discussed the background, methods and microorganisms that make up the microbiomes of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, particularly the soil microorganisms and those that dwell symbiotically within the plant.

Upon grasping the microbial plant-soil interactions in Arabidopsis, the Rothamsted scientists are now looking forward to perform full metagenomic sequencing of the plant to have the complete picture. This will then lead to the application of the approaches to crop plants to optimize plant health, nutrition, and yields in sustainable agriculture.

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