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Crop Biotech Update

Germany, a Major Consumer of GE Products says GAIN Report

July 8, 2015

The latest Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) Report for Germany reveals that despite being a major consumer of genetically engineered (GE) products,  there is little prospect of developing a German market for GE crops or foods. The report, produced by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Services (USDA FAS) states that public rejection of GE crops is widespread, there is no commercial GE crop in production, the government has banned planting of EU-approved GE crops, and no foods labeled as GE are sold in Germany. Despite these findings, Germany is home to world-class companies that develop and supply GE seeds globally.

The report also mentioned that world-class developers of GE crops from Germany that includes Bayer CropScience, BASF, and KWS are moving their biotech research centers in the United States.

More details are available in the GAIN Report available at the FAS website.