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Crop Biotech Update

Reason Behind Rose Scent Discovered

July 8, 2015

Rose improvements are focused on its color and storage trait. However, improving these traits make roses less fragrant. With the aim to restore the sweet fragrance produced by roses, the researchers led by Jean-Lois Magnard from Université de Lyon conducted a study to identify the reason behind the rose fragrance.

Roses contain many volatile oils that may contribute to its sweet odor.  In the study, the researchers mainly focused on the geranoil synthesis. Geranoil is a monoterpene alcohol contributing to rose scent. By examining the pathway, they were able to identify that the protein RNuDX1 is involved in the synthesis. Its presence activates the diphosphohydrolase enzyme that is localized in the cytoplasm of the rose petals and leads to the production of geranoil.

This finding will help in the breeding and restoring the sweet fragrance the roses are known for.

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