Gene Drive Supplement

Key Insights from Existing Mosquito Control Methods Can Help Guide Gene Drive Technology in the Field

March 30, 2022

Target Product Profiles (TPP) are used to define product characteristics required to achieve desired entomological and epidemiological outcomes. They are increasingly being used for malaria and vector control interventions. With novel tools like gene drives for malaria control gaining popularity, decisions on whether to implement them in the field will depend on their alignment with TPPs.

Researchers reviewed mathematical models previously used to develop TPPs for malaria and vector control tools and discussed lessons from these analyses that may apply to mosquito gene drives. Based on the analyses conducted, researchers recommended the following :

  • As gene drive technology moves closer to field release, discussions about target outcomes should engage a variety of different stakeholders and account for settings of interest and vector species present. 
  • Machine learning approaches may be useful to explore parameters in space, especially considering the relatively large number of parameters that describe gene drive products.
  • Conservative fitness estimates are advisable to accurately measure parameters prior to field studies.
  • Modeling may help determine the risk, remediation, and cost dimensions of mosquito gene drive TPPs.

Read the full review and recommendations based on the above-mentioned mathematical models in Frontiers in Tropical Diseases.

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