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Investing in S & T will Spur Kenya's Development Says President Kibaki

April 13, 2012

Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki has affirmed the Kenyan government's commitment to utilize technological innovations for the development of agriculture which contributes to about 30 percent of the nation's gross development product.

"Here in Kenya, we are fully committed to utilizing science, technology and innovation for the benefit of our people," said the President as he officially opened the First African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum in Nairobi on April 3, 2012. The President also noted that the country had taken deliberate steps to promote science in Kenya by formulating a new National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. The new policy explicitly declares the country's endeavor to promote agricultural research and specifically biotechnology to address biotic and abiotic stresses that lead to losses due to pests and diseases.

The First African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum was attended by 57 African government ministers with the responsibility for science, technology and innovation, finance, planning and education. The forum showcased technological innovations in agriculture, technology and mobile telecommunications from various developers in the continent. Notable agricultural innovations showcased included the high yielding drought tolerant chicken pea variety developed at Egerton University and the high yielding maize variety developed at Maseno University.

To see the full story, check the state house website at (archive news: 4 April 2012).