Biotech Updates

NARO Scientist: Uganda to Commercialize Biotech Cotton in 2014

April 13, 2012

Uganda is anticipating the commercial adoption of the first biotech crop in 2014 after a regulatory framework for production has been set, said senior research officer Yona Baguna from the National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO). Baguna reported that there are ongoing trials on GM banana, cassava, maize, cotton, and potato. These promising crops have the potential to give Ugandans food security and at the same time improve their livelihood. 

"If things go as planned, we expect commercial GM cotton in 2014, cassava  in 2016 and drought resistant maize by 2017," said Dr. Baguna during the launch of ISAAA's report on the Global Status of Commercialized GM/Biotech Crops in 2011 in Kampala last month. The potential GM crops have traits such as drought tolerance and insect resistance.

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