Biotech Updates

African Farmers Share the Story of Biofortified Crops on Radio

April 13, 2012

HarvestPlus partnered with Agfax Radio to inform more farmers in rural Africa about the benefits of biofortified crops. Agfax Radio station is produced by African journalists with a focus on rural livelihoods and farming. The journalists analyzed the possible nutritional and economic impact of nutrient-rich crops in the local communities in African countries namely Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda with perspectives from scientists, farmers, and women's groups.

The story about benefits of iron-rich beans reached local farmers in Rwanda. It included interviews with farmers who are currently planting iron-rich beans. One farmer, Celestine Nzabarirwa, shared her experience, "Last season I grew biofortified beans and my production from my field was a lot compared to the local varieties that I had been using…I will also encourage my neighbors to grow biofortified beans, which will help improve their health when they consume them."

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