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Breeding Soybeans for Improved Feed

September 23, 2011

Modified soybean seed with reduced phytate content was found to have better seedling field emergence than the control with a normal phosphorus value. This is contrary to the vigor of low phytate corn seedling in the field. The research published in the current issue of Crop Science thus shows that the modified soybean line developed by Dr. Joe Burton at the USDA-ARS proves that seed germination and field emergence with low phytate content such as the modified soybeans are possible.

"Based on our experience with the North Carolina line, soybean breeders working with the low-phytate trait now know that good seed germination and emergence is an attainable objective," said Dr. Katy Martin Rainy, one of the study's authors. "Our study provides breeders with critical insights on how to do this."

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