Crop Biotech Update

Development of a Construct-specific PCR Detection Method of GM Phytase Maize Line

June 10, 2011

Transgenic phytase maize line BVLA430101 was the first GM maize that obtained the security certification in 2009 in China, but the construct of the gene expression and the specific detection method have not been reported yet. Thus, Changqing Su of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and colleagues identified and described the phytase gene expression cassette. The construct-specific qualitative and quantitative PCR methods of BVLA430101 maize were derived based on the transition of signal peptide and phytase gene using a maize taxon-specific gene zSSIIb as the endogenous gene. Moreover, two known BVLA430101 contents of mixed genomic DNA were quantified using the developed real-time PCR detection system, which showed that the developed quantitative method can be used for GM phytase maize BVLA430101 measurement.

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