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Crop Biotech Update

Green Super Rice is Coming

January 21, 2011

Through the efforts of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the International Rice Research Institute, farmers will soon take hold of Green Super Rice, the rice developed for harsh growing conditions. Green Super Rice is a combination of more than 250 various rice varieties and hybrids adapted to tough growing conditions like drought and low agricultural inputs. More types of Green Super Rice with other combined traits are already in the pipeline. National agricultural agencies of key rice-growing countries are currently testing and developing Green Super Rice.

Green Super Rice is an example of the vital components of a "Greener Revolution," one of the driving concepts of the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) which was launched during the 3rd International Rice Congress held last November 2010. GRiSP is a plan to improve international partnerships in rice research, its delivery, and impact that would also ensure that rice is grown in an environmentally sustainable way.

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