Biotech Updates

EC-JRC on New Summary Notification for GM Potato Leaf Blight Field Release

January 7, 2011

A summary notification has been announced by the European Community-JRC for field release experiment entitled Potato late blight control strategies and monitoring of Phytophthora infestans virulence. The release will be conducted in Borger Odoorn, Lelystad, Wageningen, Venray and Binnenmaas at 10,000 m2 per site per year.

Potato with potato late blight resistance gene Rp1 will be tested with susceptible plants to establish a relationship between the mixing ratio of resistant/susceptible and the spatial and temporal effects on the development of epidemics. The Phytophthora infestans population will also be monitored in the trial.

Results that will be obtained in the experiment will be crucial in the development and deployment of improved cultivars with the Rp1 genes.

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