Biotech Updates

Open Letter to Stakeholders from Secretary Vilsack to Urge GE and Non-GE Coexistence

January 7, 2011

An Open Letter by the US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack requesting stakeholders to cooperate in the implementation of the genetically engineered (GE) and non-GE Coexistence in farmer fields was published in the USDA website.

The letter discussed how involved parties have become familiar and comfortable in litigations of erring farmers that led to antagonism and further clashes in the area. He is optimistic though that a better solution could bring together stakeholders to a common ground where the interests of all sides could be advanced. He expressed his support to the development of a new paradigm based on coexistence and cooperation so that both GE and non-GE agriculture technologies can be utilized in the production of abundant, affordable and safe food.

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