Crop Biotech Update

Texas A&M University Releases New Cotton, Corn and Wheat Lines

December 17, 2010

Texas A&M University's AgriLife Research released new germplasm lines and cultivars of cotton, corn, and wheat, after the approval of the Plant Release Committee and the Director of Texas AgriLife Research.

Two upland germplasm lines of cotton (TAM RNR 9 and TAM RNR 12), developed by nematologist Jim Starr, have resistance to rootknot and reniform nematodes. Another cotton cultivar (TAM 04WB-33s) produces longer, stronger and finer cotton fibers, which has better quality than cotton cultivars available in Texas today. Kerry Mayfield and colleagues released three corn germplasm lines with resistance to aflatoxin. On the other hand, wheat breeder Jackie Rudd developed medium maturing hard red winter wheat with high yield potential, good bread making characteristics, and improved resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust.

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