Crop Biotech Update

Bayer and Evogene Sign Collaboration to Enhance Wheat

December 17, 2010

Bayer CropScience AG and plant traits developer Evogene Ltd. announced their five-year partnership in developing and introducing new wheat varieties. They will focus on producing wheat with better characteristics such as high-yielding, tolerance to drought, and efficient fertilizer use, using both advanced breeding and genetic engineering techniques.

"The wheat industry is facing challenges such as changing climate, the decline of mineral resources used for fertilizer and the need to increase crop yields. We look forward to working together with Evogene in the area of wheat research to help tackle these issues," said Lykele van der Broek, Chief Operating Officer of Bayer CropScience. "Being market- and innovation leader in the crop protection market for cereals, we aim to become the partner of choice to wheat growers and the wheat industry and will offer superior integrated solutions to improve cereal production in a sustainable way."

According to Evogene's President and CEO Ofer Haviv, the unique component in their partnership is the combination of advanced breeding and biotechnology. With Evogene's computational genomic techniques and Bayer's expertise in product development, the two companies are optimistic that they will be able to have considerably enhanced wheat varieties.

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