Crop Biotech Update

AVEBE and BASF Plant Science Collaborate to Produce GM Starch Potatoes

December 17, 2010

AVEBE, a global potato starch company, and BASF Plant Science have announced their collaboration towards developing genetically modified starch potato varieties with fungal resistance. The first in line of their activities is the development of late blight resistant amylopectin starch tomato, since late blight is one of the major concerns of potato producers in Europe. Their first GM potato variety is expected to be commercially available by 2019.

"Innovation is of major importance to AVEBE and is a crucial part of our strategy. The use of biotechnology offers new possibilities for the development of crops with better composition and starch content as well as resistance against diseases," said Gerben Meursing, Managing Director of Commerce from AVEBE. "Higher yields per hectare and a better control of fungal diseases will lead to a more sustainable production of starch potatoes and starch processing," he added.

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