Biotech Updates

INIA Report: No GM Maize in Barranca Valleys

October 8, 2010

The National Institute for Agrarian Innovation (INIA) based in Lima, Peru, confirmed that no unauthorized transgenic crops were grown in the Barranca valleys. INIA reported that it evaluated a total of 162 maize samples (134 samples from crop fields, 15 from local markets, 8 from collection facilities at poultry companies, one sample from the local collection facility and 4 samples from seed marketing companies) at the Laboratory for Detection of Living Modified Organisms (LMO) of the institution.

An INIA press release said that four events from transgenic origin were detected in grain samples from the collection facilities at the poultry companies which are leading importers of bulk maize grains from LMO-producing countries such as Argentina and the U.S.

For the INIA press release and the Summary and Conclusions of the Technical Report in Spanish visit