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Monsanto and Illumina Reach Key Milestones in Cotton Genome Sequencing

September 24, 2010

Monsanto in collaboration with the sequencing company Illumina have recently sequenced the genome of the non-cultivated Peruvian cotton relative Gossypium raimondii. The announcement is one of the highlights of the on-going 5th Biennial International Cotton Genome Initiative (ICGI) being held at the CSIRO. This research effort will be an enormous contribution in hastening cotton improvement worldwide for higher yield, better quality and adaptation to environmental stresses and for insect and disease resistance.

It was also announced that the cotton sequence will be donated and deposited in the genetic data of the GenBank database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The new sequence data will significantly complement previous cotton genome research in many parts of the world. "ICGI welcomes this opportunity for this public/private cooperation and is looking forward to coordinating the community to take full advantage of this resource" quoted Richard Percy, Chair of ICGI.

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