Biotech Updates

Consumers, Scientists, Farmers and Spanish Companies Demand GM crop and Technology Access

July 16, 2010

Farmers from Spain, Romania and Portugal presented to the members of the parliament (MPs) and representatives of the European Commission in Brussels a manifesto stating that "Biotechnology, a tool for agro-food cannot be ignored. The text in the rejection of positions and decisions against GMOs are not based in science. The safety of GM crops is guaranteed by the strictest and independent scientific assessment."

The  farmers sounded the inequality the European Union is making in agricultural production and called for scientifically-based decisions so as not to discriminate farmers who want to grow GM crops. Spanish farmers have also attested their experiences in planting GM crops saying that the cultivation of transgenic corn yields more in a cost-effective way with higher quality and using less resource. These technologies which are available in other parts of the world should be enjoyed by other farmers in the EU.

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