Biotech Updates

Refuge-in-the-Bag Field Trials of GM Corn Underway

July 16, 2010

In the United States the Environmental Protection Agency requires planting a refuge to ensure that insect populations do not become resistant to the B.t. gene. This requires purchasing and planting seeds from separate bags. Monsanto has devised the single-bag options that would provide Corn Belt farmers in the USA simplicity and enhanced compliance in insect refuge management by eliminating the need for planting a separate, potentially lower yielding refuge.

This refuge-in-the-bag (RIB) options will be offered for Genuity SmartStax and Genuity VT Double PRO under the name RIB Complete once approval is granted by the US government. Currently, farmers across the United States are getting a first-hand look at Monsanto Company's pipeline of corn, soybean and cotton technologies to help them increase yields, improve efficiencies and conserve resources at this summer's Technology Showcase Tours.

"Monsanto, cooperator farmers and universities are evaluating the RIB concept at up to 1,000 locations, including several of our Genuity Technology Showcase sites in the Corn Belt," said Chism Craig, Monsanto Technical Development Manager. "This broad-acre trial program will enable us to evaluate our refuge-in-the bag product under a wide range of geographies and growing conditions, and also help educate farmers about the RIB concept, which, after approval, we will market under the name RIB Complete."

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