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EFSA Invites Environmental NGOs to Evaluate GM Environmental Risk Assessment Guidelines

July 9, 2010

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced their plan to gather environmental NGOs in September 2010 to discuss the guidelines for the GMO Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), a product of two years of work by scientists all over Europe. The ERA guidelines serve as EFSA's commitment to lead in the development of GM plant environmental risk assessment.

Dr. Riitta Maijala, Head of EFSA's Risk Assessment Directorate explains: "EFSA aims to finalize the GM Environmental Risk Assessment guidelines by the end of the year and dialogue with the environmental NGOs forms an important part of our on-going consultation. We recognize that some environmental NGOs have questions about this complex scientific process and we are ready to listen, engage and exchange views with those actively involved in this field. Today in the European Parliament for example, Testbiotech will present a report on EFSA's environmental risk assessment approach, which upon receipt, we will read with due consideration. We look forward to constructive discussions with environmental NGOs interested in our work."

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