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Crop Biotech Update

GCP Develops Molecular Marker Toolkit for Breeders

April 23, 2010

Genomics or the study of organisms' genetic composition has been used by biotechnology researchers to mark, spot and position valuable genes. They use molecular markers to find particular traits that are usually tedious to locate. Thus, there is an immense demand for a device that will aid rapid access to updated scientific information on valuable molecular markers.

In response to this need, Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGRIAR) developed the GCP Molecular Marker Toolkit ('MM Toolkit'). It is a fast-access device for validated markers of economically important crops namely Musa spp. (banana and plantain), barley, bean, cassava, chickpea, coconut, cowpea, faba bean, groundnut, lentil, maize, millet, pigeonpea, potato, rice, sorghum, sweet potato, wheat and yam. The toolkit uses information from public databases, papers and internet sources which have been authenticated through experiences of breeders.

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