Crop Biotech Update

WSFS Considers Biotechnology for Food Security

November 27, 2009

Delegates to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization sponsored World Summit for Food Security passed a Declaration that would strengthen global food security. Strategic objectives were set to reverse the decline in domestic and international funding for agriculture, food security and rural development in developing countries, and the promotion of new investments to increase sustainable agriculture production and productivity.

There were five commitments and actions set, notable of which is principle number 3 which strive for a comprehensive twin-track approach to food security that consists of direct action to immediately tackle hunger and medium and long-term sustainable agricultural, food security, nutrition and rural development programs. One of the strategies to this end is the "mobilization of resources needed to increase productivity, including the review, approval and adoption of biotechnology and other new technologies and innovations that are safe, effective and environmentally sustainable," stated in paragraph 26 of the Declaration.

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