Biotech Updates

Canada Okays GM Corn and Soybean

November 27, 2009

After safety evaluations by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada has authorized the unconfined release into the environment and use as livestock feed of Pioneer Hi-Bred's genetically modified corn (98140) and soybean (356043) events. The transgenic corn and soybean express the gat (gat4621 for corn and gat4601 for soybean) and the zm-hra genes which confer resistance to glyphosate and ALS-inhibiting herbicides.

CFIA in its evaluation concluded that the GM crops "do not present altered environmental risk" and that they "don't "present livestock feed safety concerns when compared to currently commercialized soybean varieties in Canada." Any soybean or corn lines derived from the approved events may also be released into the environment and used as livestock feed, the CFIA says, provided that the intended use are similar, that the novel genes are expressed at a level similar to that of the authorized line and that no inter-specific crosses are performed.

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