Biotech Updates

China to Collaborate with Bayer Bioscience

November 27, 2009

Niu Dun, Chinese vice minister of agriculture, met with Dr. Joachim Schneider, chairman of Bayer Bioscience, on November 23, 2009 to exchange views on China's agricultural development and matters of bilateral cooperation. "The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture attaching importance to the cooperation with multinational corporations is willing to collaborate with Bayer Corporation on advanced technologies research in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit and win-win," said Niu. He also recommended the following efforts:  develop human resources to enhance research capacity and level of agricultural infrastructure;  strengthen cooperation in research and development of new agricultural science and technology to achieve sustained agricultural innovation of S and T; promote new agricultural technology to improve the contribution rate of agricultural technology in agricultural efficiency and increase in farmers income.

Dr. Schneider pointed out that Bayer is willing to continuously carry out multi-faceted and multi-form cooperation with China in biotechnology research and development and in the breeding of new crop varieties.

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