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Germany: GM Pea Field Tests to be Relocated to the U.S.

October 16, 2009

Leibniz University's Institute for Plant Genetics will continue field testing of genetically modified peas in the United States because of the threat of destruction of test sites and the politically unstable regulatory framework in Germany, an article published by GMO Compass reported. Hans-Jörg Jacobsen and colleagues at the Leibniz University have been working for years to develop disease-resistant and high yielding pea varieties. The scientists have already developed several lines that showed significantly improved resistance to fungal diseases, at least in the lab or in greenhouses.

Jacobsen has struck a cooperation agreement with the North Dakota State University for the field trials. The scientist pointed out that he based the decision to discontinue carrying out field tests in Germany because of increased administrative costs required for field release tests, which a university institute could not afford. He also noted that undisturbed test procedures could no longer be assumed due to field destruction and the political climate in Germany.

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