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Bayer Completes Genome Sequencing of Rapeseed

October 16, 2009

Germany's Bayer CropScience announced that it has mapped out the entire genome of rapeseed/canola (Brassica napus), the world's second largest oilseed crop, and its constituent genomes present in Brassica rapa and Brassica oleracea. "This will allow us to speed up our current research and breeding programs so that these will bring new technology and better products to growers much sooner," said Bart Lambert, the Company's Head of Research for Oilseeds.

Bayer, in a press release, said that "the sequences provide an excellent discovery tool for mining novel genes and pathways and serve as references for the re-sequencing of relevant breeding lines used in advanced molecular breeding applications." The company compared the sequence data sets of an elite Bayer CropScience Brassica napus line, provided by Dutch Keygene N.V. and the University of Queensland, with the genomes of Brassica rapa and Brassica oleracea, provided by the Beijing Genomics Institute-Shenzhen.

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