Biotech Updates

Brazil Oks Three More GM Crops

October 16, 2009

CTNBio, the Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety, has cleared three new genetically modified (GM) crop varieties for commercial release in the country. The Commission has approved the release of Monsanto's insect-resistant MON 89034 corn and Dow's stacked trait corn TC1507xNK603. Dow's GM corn expresses the Cry1F protein which confers resistance to the European Corn Borer and other lepidopteran pests, the PAT and EPSPS protein which confers tolerance to the glufosinate and glyphosate herbicides, respectively. An insect-resistant and herbicide-tolerant cotton variety developed by Monsanto (Mon531xMon1445) has also been approved for commercial release.

The approval brings the total number of GM corn varieties approved for use in Brazil to 11. A total of six GMO corn varieties, on the other hand, have been approved for commercial release in the country. Brazil is the world's third largest biotech crop producer, with 15.8 million hectares of biotech crops planted in 2008.

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